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Casa del Sol
Christmas Week: $1,050
Easter Week: $920
Villa Rica
Easter Week: $3,300
Christmas Week: $3,300
Villa Oasis
Mid-Season: May-Aug,Nov: $1900
High Season: Dec - April: $2700
Villa Las Palmas
Year Round: $4000
Easter Week: $5000


Managing from an Owner's Perspective


Our mission is to DELIGHT OUR CUSTOMERS by providing unparalleled service to each property under our management.  We accomplish this by meeting or exceeding the unique needs of both owners and tenants like, in the most comprehensive and hassle-free manner possible.


We focus strongly on effective management by investing the necessary time and effort required to properly maintain and manage our properties as luxury residential rentals.  This paradigm permeates throughout our entire organization, so together with our well-trained and trusted staff we can ensure that the interests of both our owners and renters are properly protected.


We strongly believe that truly effective and comprehensive Propery Management is a multi-faceted initiative consisting of ALL of the following attributes:

  • Asset management:  The fiscal health of the property
  • Property management:  Maintainance and operations
  • Client management:  Serving the individual interest of owners and tenants


Such is the foundation of House of Rentals, a philosophy that is woven into the very fabric of our corporate DNA.  Together with responsiveness, commitment, professionalism and honesty, we have crafted a recipe for success that clearly elevates us above our competitors.


Each of our Property Managers are completely familiar with our entire portfolio and are fully integrated into every area of operations and finance.  As a result, property oversight is elevated to a whole new level which is essential to effectively protect client interests.


All of our staff are practicioners of “continuous improvement” and are encouraged through training to enhance their knowledgement in the area of management and maintenance.  This enables us to raise the bar of service even higher by fostering enthusiasm, creativity and productivity -- prime factors in meeting the diverse challenges of luxury residential management.


House of Rentals recognizes the pace of business in the world today and has distinguished itself in the asset and property management field by investing in real-time software to keep track of accounting, rentals and work orders.  This real-time service is provided to owners, tenants or prospective tenants free of charge as a tool to enhance communication and information flow.  This naturally leads to faster, more accurate record keeping;  a necessary pre-requisite to proper management and control.


If you are considering Property Management, then choose HOUSE of RENTALS:

  • Professional Service: Courteous, Effective, Prompt
  • Preventative Maintenance Services: Avoid costly “emergency” repairs
  • AC service
  • Pest Control
  • Painting, Wood Staining
  • Routine Inspections
  • General Maintenance: Personnel and contract services aranged
  • Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Roofing, Concrete
  • Landscaping
  • The Right Tools: Investment in administrative systems
  • First Class Asset-Management Software
  • Detailed Monthly Interactive Accounting Reports
  • Year-To-Year Budgeting
  • Real-time Accounting
  • Concierge Services: Available for Owners and Clients
  • Preparation of your property to be rented
  • Coordination of move-in of new tenants
  • Company staffed house-keeping
  • Client Protection:  Keeping your best interest at heart
  • Screening of prospective tenants
  • Prompt payment of taxes, utilities, etc
  • Technical / legislative knowledge
  • Real Estate Law



We plan, organize, secure, manage, lead and control to achieve your goal, your project.
Our job is to put the right man on the job, deal with the legal aspects, get the right quotes, deliver excellent quality in the most efficient way.
Our office and individually have had experience with:
Residential home constructions: Architect, construction plans, permits and purchases
Community: legal work
Reconstructions: architect, construction plans, permits, inspections, purchases
Intensive repairs: roof changes, leak repairs
Animal problems: bats


ONE SOURCE for all of your maintenance and repair issues


Let's face it, maintenance is a fact of life and remotely managed maintenance can be expensive and worrisome.  Fear not, because House of Rentals is at your service!  Our aim is to reduce your worry and work load with effective communication and by providing professional, reliable and AFFORDABLE service.


For your convenience, we employ or are closely associated with all the trades you need to keep your property in top condition:

Trades:   Electricians, plumbers, HVAC, roofers, even welders!

Finishers:   Tilers, finishing carpenters, painters

Other Contractors:

•    General Construction Contractors

•    Maintenance Contractors

•    Private Security

External Services:

•    Fumigation

•    Landscaping

•    Interior Design


All this convenience is available at affordable pricing that you can be confident in!


We provide maintenance services in 3 different categories:

•    Monthly Maintenance

•    Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)

•    Emergency Repairs


Monthly Maintenance:  A service that relates to the general maintenance and upkeep of your property. Gardening, painting and pool maintenance. A service routine, that will keep your property in a good shape.  Don`t bother in buying your own tools, we will bring them!


PMP -- Preventative Maintenance Program:  An effective way to save money in the LongTerm.  Regular maintenance of your A/C, poolpump, gates etc, has been proven to extend the life expectency of your property.  Allocate a little maintenance in your annual budget to avoid costly capital improvements down the road.


Emergency Repairs:  We have employees on standby ready to serve you 24 hrs a day. Our Emergency Repair service will provide fast and reliable repairs at reasonable prices.


The Maintenance Service we are providing, is the same Maintenance and Upkeep we are proving for our Luxury Management Homes. A formula enjoyed by many of our clients, who`s interest we protect.



If you are considering a maintenance program for your property, then choose HOUSE of RENTALS:

•    Complete Professional Maintenance Services

•    Detailed reports

•    Detailed quotes

•    We will protect your interests

•    Technical expertise

•    High-end tools

•    24 Hours availability

•    Property inspections

•    Competitive rates